Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives

A glossary of different adhesives that are helpful for creating

Some adhesives require a curing time and some should only be used in a well ventilated area.
*Always read the directions on how to properly use each companies adhesive.
*My pictures are only a few examples of each type of adhesive. There are many types on the market and you should
do your own research on which adhesive is right for your needs.

Mixed Media Encyclodepia: Adhesives ~ Decoupage glue (image)Decoupage Glue:

  • An all-in-one glue, sealer and finish used to attach paper and fabric to various surfaces.






Mixed Media Encyclodepia: Adhesives ~ Double Sided Tape (image)Double-stick Tape:

  • A pressure-sensitive tape that has been coated with adhesive on both sides.
  • It’s designed to stick two surfaces together, creating a strong bond.
  • Great for adding heavy embellishments, textured materials, ribbons, glitter or small beads to a project.
  • Available in various widths.


Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Foam Tape and Dots (image)
Foam Tape:

  • A soft,”cushiony” dimensional double stick tape that creates a strong bond between two surfaces.
  • It elevates photos or embellishments for added dimension to your project.
  • Available in pre-cut squares, circles and rolls of different lengths and widths.


Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Glue Dots (image)

Glue Dots:

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive dots, used in various applications and needs no drying time.
  • Glue Dots have an instant and strong bond adhering a variety of materials like photos, paper, plastic, wood, metal, fabric and much more.
  • They are mess free and a great alternative to hot glue guns.
  • Available in a number of sizes and thicknesses.

Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Glue Sticks (image)
Glue Stick:

  • A solid adhesives in twist-up tube.
  • This is a “dry adhesive” so, it is great for adhering photos or papers to your project without the worry of buckling or the mess of a liquid glue.
  • A light, thin layer is all that is needed.
  • Available in permanent and re-positional



Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Liquid Glue (image)
Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Industrial Liquid Glue (image)Liquid Glue:

  • A fluid adhesive packages in a bottle, tube or pen for precision gluing.
  • Liquid glue can range in strengths from a simple white school glue to an industrial strength glue.
  • Be sure to use the one that is right for your needs.
  • Liquid glue can be opaque or transparent.






Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Paste (image)Paste:

  • Paste is used for long lasting archival mounting with almost all artist papers. 
  • Because it can be thinned with warm water, paste is also excellent for decoupage and collage work.
  • It can also be used with tin, cloth, leather, metal and on primed surfaces.
  • Paste is a great adhesive for book binding and journal making.
  • Because it’s a “dry adhesive,” you don’t have to worry about your papers curling or buckling.
  • It is applied with a palette knife or paint brush that is dedicated to adhesives ONLY!!
  • Thin layers are all that is needed to provide a secure bond.



Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Photo Corners (image)Photo Corners:

  • Triangular tabs with “pockets” made from paper in a variety of pre-made sizes, colors and designs.
  • They either have a sticky adhesive on the back or an adhesive you wet to activate the glue.
  • Paper corners allow you to attach a photo to a project with the option to remove the photo later without damaging the picture. 





Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Photo Tabs (image)
Photo Tab:

  • Double sided pre-cut adhesive squares.
  • Tabs can be purchased on a dispenser roll, boxes or as a sheet.
  • Some tabs have protective backs that you will need to remove before adhering to your project.
  • They provide a very secure mount for photos or paper embellishments.


Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Rubber Cement (image)
Rubber Cement:

  • Rubber cement is used in applications where easy, damage-free removal of adhesive is desired.
  • It easily peels or rubs off leaving no trace of adhesive behind.





Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Spray Adhesive(image)
Spray Adhesive:

  • Comes in an aerosol spray can that provides a quick, even coverage.
  • It’s great for larger projects or sheer material that you don’t want to see visible adhesives.
  • Spray adhesives have toxic fumes and must be used in a well-ventilated space.
  • There are spray adhesives that are specially formulated for photos, fabric and foam.

Be sure to use the one that is right for your project.




Mixed Media Encyclopedia: Adhesives ~ Tape runner (image)Tape Runner:

  • An easy to use dispenser containing glue tape with refillable cartridges.
  • Tape runners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from the small pocket size to the larger guns.
  • You can choose from a re-positional or a permanent adhesive.






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