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As promised, here is your FREE GIFTMixed Media Inspiration Cards.

Mixed Media Inspiration Cards: Set 1

Mixed Media Inspiration Cards: Set 2

Mixed Media Inspiration Cards: Set 3

Click on the links above. 
It is best to download and save these files to your computer before printing them out.
If your cards get so much love and began to show it to the point that you can’t see the directions any longer, you may want to print a new set. <3

I am also giving you a .pdf  copy of the art I created in the accompanying post: Free Mixed Media Inspiration Cards
You can use this print to decorate the back of your cards if you would like.

Mixed Media Inspiration Cards: Background Art

TIP: After printing the three (3) sets of cards on to cardstock, flip the cardstock over and re-insert into your printer. 
Print the background art onto the back of your cards. 

I have one more gift for you!!!!!

Mixed Media Inspiration Cards: Box Template

Now that you made your Mixed Media Inspiration Cards, you need a safe place to store them.
I created a box template for you.

Print the template out in the same way you print the Mixed Media Inspiration Cards, (on blank or printed cardstock )
Cut, Fold and Glue box together (following directions on the template)

Now you have an AWESOME box to store your cards in.

Questions you may have:

How do I print the cards out?

  • Click on the links above (each file will open in a new window).
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Open the file from your computer.

Before you print them out, visit my post: Free Mixed Media Inspiration Cards

In this post, I will show a couple of different option you have for printing these cards out.
I also show you how you can have fun personalizing the backs of the cards with your own art.
Don’t forget, you also have the option to print the Background Art onto the back of your cards as well.

Why I created these cards?
I wanted to create a gift to give to wonderful people like YOU, to say “THANK YOU” for supporting me by subscribing to my blog.
I looked around my studio and saw a jar filled with little wooden chips that I created a while back and have used it for some time now.
On those chips I have written different techniques, tools, or supplies.
When I get stuck in my creating process I pull out one of those chips and do what it says.
I often find that after pulling out a chip or two I am no longer stuck and my creativity starts to take over again.

When I saw that jar I knew right away, that is what I wanted to create for my free gift to you.
Since I can’t send out jars of chips to everyone, I created this deck of cards for you to print and use in the same way as I do my chips.

From my own personal experience I know how helpful this tool is when you are going through your creative process.
Whether you are new to Mixed Media Art or a seasoned artist,
we all have moments of “artist block”or we get 
paralyzed by a blank page, not knowing where or how to start.

Hopefully, these cards will help you push past those moments, as they have done for me.

You may also finds these cards helpful if you get stuck in the middle of creating a project, or just want to change things up a bit.

How do I use the cards? Let these cards inspire you to create.
There are many ways in which you can use these cards.

  • Keep them close by when you are creating. If you get stuck, pull a card and do what it says. Continue this process until your own creativity takes over and your creative process starts to flow again.
  • Start your creating process by shuffling the deck and then deal yourself one card at a time, doing what each one says, until you feel that your project is complete and you are happy with it.
  • Let the cards create your page. Shuffle the deck of cards, then deal yourself several cards ( 5-10 the choice is up to you). Do the cards in the order that you pulled them or pull them at random each time you need a new card.

You will find that using these cards will force you to change things up from your normal process of creating.
These are the times that we grow as artist, because we are discovering new things about ourselves.
What we like or don’t like, a new outcome from what we normally create or a new way to use an old product or tool.

Can I share these cards with my other creative friends?
This free material is intended for you only.
All material provided is copyrighted and should not be shared in any form.
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Again, thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope you enjoy your all your FREE GIFTS.
But most importantly, I hope these cards ignite the creativity within you and inspire you to create something TODAY!!!