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About the Artist:
Brandy Elder

Hello and thank you for stopping by BE Eclectic Art Studio.

I’d like to introduce myself…

My name is Brandy Elder, I am a wife and a mother of 5. We have 5 dogs as well. My family and I are big advocates for “adopting not shopping” for your fur babies. We are also big advocates for the “bully breeds”. Three out of our five dogs are of the “bully breed” type. One is now a therapy dog. I take her to retirement homes, schools, hospitals, shelters and she visits and gives lots of love to the people. We work hard to help change the negative labels that are placed on these wonderful creatures.

About the Artist: Brandy Elder- Our doggies.(image)
About the Artist: Brandy Elder- Our doggies.

OK, more about myself….
I was born and raised in and around New Orleans, Louisiana. This is where I meet my husband and where we started raising all 5 of our children. Then in 2013, we moved to Texas, because we felt that it was time for a change of scenery. We love living here, but boy do we miss some things about New Orleans. I can cook Cajun food, like Gumbo, Grits and Grillades, Shrimp Etouffe’, Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya and I know all about the Trinity and cooking a roux BUT, there ain’t nuttin’ like going down to your local Po`Boy shop and gettin’ a Shrimp Po`boy, dressed, and with a side of Boo fries (fries covered in gravy and roast beef scraps), or a Muffuletta with a side of fried onion rings. OH, and do I miss a my Snowballs. If you are in Metairie/Kenner area, Sunny’s is the place to go, but if you are in New Orleans, Plum Street is my favorite. I could go on for days about New Orleans and why I love it, but I’ll move on.


About the Artist: Brandy Elder - Shrimp Poboy, Fried onion Rings & a Daiquiri(image)
About the Artist: Brandy Elder – Shrimp Poboy, Fried onion Rings & a Daiquiri
About the Artist: Brandy Elder- Sunny's Snowballs(image)
About the Artist: Brandy Elder- Sunny’s Snowballs

So, let me tell you about the artist side of myself and why I created this site…

I have been creative my whole life. I took every art class possible in school. I wasn’t the kid you would find outside playing. I wasn’t the kid that signed up in sports. I wasn’t the kid who loved Physical Ed. in school (in fact I even had to go to Summer School because I failed P.E. one year, LOL!!!!) I was the kid scavenging for stuff to alter and redo. I was the kid who would grab the colors and paper and get lost for hours drawing pictures.
I graduated from Beauty School and I am a licensed Hair Stylist, I use to own my salon before I moved to Texas.

I also spent about a year as a apprentice for a tattoo artist.

Since moving to Texas, I started my soap company. I made handmade cold-process soap, lip balms and lotions. This business has been placed on the shelf for now because my journey is taking me on a different path.

For me, the best way to describe my art, IS…ECLECTIC. I don’t feel like I have one certain style. I find myself creating in the moment. The techniques or items I use just depends on what I feel like playing with. One day my colors may be very retro or bright, another day dark colors, then the next I may do a mixture. The one thing that I do find consistent with my art is that it is rarely flat. I love to embellish and bring lots of dimension and texture to my pieces. I like when people want to touch and feel the art and I encourage that.

That is when the connection to that piece of art starts.

I look forward to this journey and I hope you will join me on my way.

Some of my art is available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing anything I create you can head on over to my shop (Etsy shop) or contact me to find out the details.
If you would like to read more about me CLICK HERE

Keep creating,



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