About the Artist

This is Mama, she was a “Foster Fail”. She came into the Shelter, where my family and I did a lot of volunteer work, with her five young puppies. They were found in an open field.¬†Instantly we could tell that she was an awesome momma and the biggest love bug. It broke our heart to see her stay in the shelter environment with her puppies, so we decided to foster them for the next month until the puppies were old enough to ween off of momma and ¬†get adopted out. At that time we were suppose to give her back to the shelter and they were going to put her up for adoption as well. Needless to say, living with us for a month and quickly getting along with our other dogs, not only did she work her way into my bed she also worked her way into my heart. There was NO WAY I was going to allow her to live anywhere else but with us.
She is now CGC Certified (Canine Good Citizen) and a therapy dog with Love-A-Bull‘s Pit Crew, a rescue group in Austin, Texas.

Please think about rescuing your next pet from your local shelter or a rescue group before buying from a breeder.

I believe all artist should share pieces of their life with their audience.
That is how you get to know the artist and find out why they create the way that they do.

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